Pornhub Named Title Sponsor of Satirical Art Exhibition The Fuchur

Posted: 06/12/2016

Pornhub Named Title Sponsor of Satirical Art Exhibition The Fuchur
Art Exhibition in Los Angeles that Examines 22nd Century Culture with a 23rd Century Perspective to Feature Pornhub Branded “Cryptocurrency” and “Fuckputer” Installations

New York, NY (December 9 2016) – Pornhub, the premiere online destination for adult entertainment, announced today that it will be the title sponsor of a satirical art exhibition, The Fuchur, pronounced future, which is being put together by Awkward Human, a provocative art collective known for bringing the unusual to mainstream media. This exhibition, which will take place in Downtown Los Angeles’ Think Tank Gallery from Dec. 9 to 11, 2016, functions as a retrospective of sorts, looking back on some of the most turbulent issues that created the world we know today.

The Fuchur is a retrospective historical exhibition that is broken down in to eight segments to present the history of the 22nd century as a series of events perceived and interpreted through limited human capacity for observation. Awkward Human constructed a version of history that has yet to happen, in order to provoke intellectual conversation. The show’s unique spelling stems from the 22nd century, which is considered to be a period of degraded language that relied heavily on image-based messaging, with lack of focus on language principles.

“We’re beyond excited to be working alongside Awkward Human towards our shared goal of bringing the unusual to mainstream in a celebratory way, and hope to spark lots of meaningful conversation with this eye-opening project,” said Corey Price, Vice President at Pornhub. “We encourage all of our fans to attend and indulge in this experience. From the Cryptocurrency to the Fuckputer installation and everything in between, there is a little something for everyone.”

Pornhub will be title sponsoring the event, with specific branding in the cryptoeconomy segment that explores how actual cryptocurrencies will change sex work, homelessness and organized crime. Awkward Human will have actual coin replicas, DicKoins, on display that will be branded with the Pornhub logo. The adult entertainment site will also sponsor the Fuckputer segment that explores technology fetishization and objectophilia and features sexualized object erotic film, interactive fuckputers and erotic gadget photography.

“Awkward Human is very excited to showcase Pornhub’s 22nd contributions in the first cultural retrospective to look back on our inevitable Fuchur. No single entity contributed more to the stabilization of the economy and calming of financial class warfare in the 22nd century than Pornhub,” said Adam Dachis, Editorial Director at Awkward Human. “We look forward to showing the world a Fuchur beyond our projected lifetimes where the exploration of human sexuality—as strange and fascinating as it may be—can lead to a period of world prosperity and so much more.”

As well as being an art collective, Awkward Human is also a provocative blog that brings the erotic and peculiar to mainstream media. The team behind the blog are best known for their advice book and podcast called Awkward Human Survival Guide, as well as a card game based on the classic Japanese fetish Bukkake. The purpose of its latest project, The Fuchur, is not to correct its guests’ errors in what they perceive, but to simply provide ease to any fears they have once encountering our ‘fuchur’.

The exhibition will be held at the Think Tank Gallery, located at 939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Think Tank Gallery has helped curate a list of experimental, integrative, and illustrative artists to fit a variety of themes relevant to this vision of our future. Known for immersive installation, Think Tank Gallery will also create a setting audiences can walk into and about, with multiple interactive experiences ripe with photo opportunities. A full list of artists and more information on The Fuchur can be found at

About Pornhub:
Founded in 2007, Pornhub is the leading 含羞草视频, ad-supported adult video streaming website, offering viewers the opportunity to upload and share their own videos. With over 3 million videos and over 60 million visitors a day, Pornhub truly is the best adult site in the world. Pornhub has built the largest dedicated membership base in the adult community, with over 4 million engaged and loyal members, offering viewers a fun and sophisticated social experience directly in site, complete with messaging, photos, achievement badges and much more.

About Awkward Human:
Founded in 2014, in the appropriate city of Los Angeles, Awkward Human seeks to bring the strange and unusual into the mainstream through digital media, journalism, games, and events. Forged by popular blogger Adam Dachis and screenwriter Erica Elson, Awkward Human’s best-known work includes the uncomfortable advice book and podcast the Awkward Human Survival Guide, a card game based on the classic Japanese fetish Bukkake, and, now, the absurtist, satirical art exhibition known as the Fuchur. Through every unusual project, Awkward Human works to make the peculiar a little more comfortable so we can all appreciate our differences rather than fight against them.

About Thinks Tank Gallery:
Think Tank Gallery is an experimental art gallery and venue located in Downtown Los Angeles, hosting a year-long calendar of installation-heavy programs that have been featured in the LA Times, Hi-Fructose, Smithsonian, and more. In addition to building large DIY creations and hosting hundreds of artists within the space, the Think Tank has also coordinated various event series, public arts efforts, and murals. For the last three years they have also served as creative directors for the Night on Broadway Festival, which has featured talent such as Skrillex and Reggie Watts. They are most known for largescale immersive art installations and risky programming within them.